Corporate Strategy:

The corporate mission of IES Systems Inc. is to provide value added design and manufacturing services to the manufacturing industry. First by defining the scope of the customer's project needs, and then working within the customer's budgetary means in order to achieve the best solutions for each project.

The core of IES is a partnership of degreed engineers who have worked together for many years.  The strongest characteristic of the partners involved with IES is the ability to take a project from concept to plant floor startup, and beyond.  We are well versed at project management, scheduling, budgets, and total system design.

One of our strengths is our adaptability to changing specifications due to concurrent customer product development and our system design.

The staff at IES has years of experience in the design and manufacture of factory automation and test equipment.  The equipment has served a diverse base of manufacturers.  We have worked closely with many major companies who manufacture circuit breakers, motor starters, electric motors, ground fault interrupting devices, missile electronics and avionics.  We have designed and manufactured other projects that are not related to testing equipment, such as laser marking systems, laser welding systems and automated assembly equipment.

IES was formed in 2000.  Our intent is to use our experience and apply it to new markets in the manufacturing industry.  There is no specific industry that we cannot serve.  Our philosophy is to look at a customer's project needs, and determine if we are suited to accomplish the task. IES works closely with its customers from the start of the project, through the design and manufacturing phases and then through the qualification process.  We continue our close attention through startup at the manufacturing site and throughout the life of the equipment.  This is one of the driving principles behind forming IES: to foster a working relationship with our customers that becomes a partnership.  We have become the preferred supplier to our customers by providing the most comprehensive support possible with direct access to our engineering professionals.